The strength of the GROUP: from the idea to the product

Each SILIGROUP product comes from innovative ideas and is completely designed and manufactured in ITALY.
Skilled technicians, programmers and designers in the two companies of the GROUP, entirely designing and implementing
devices and software that the company makes available to its customers.


The technological heart of the group, where ideas take shape and a concept becomes product. All made in Italy, from the project to the realisation.


A capillary distribution network, always responsive customer service and a professional advice: for small and big sport centers the company becomes an irreplaceable partner.

Free loan installations: technology at its finest at NO COST!

SILIGROUP offers you the possibility to have in your sport center a complete system in FREE LOAN, without any cost for you neither of equipment, neither of installation or of maintenance: all at ZERO COST!

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Impianti in comodato d'uso gratuito: il massimo della tecnologia a COSTO ZERO!

SILIGROUP ti offre la possibilità di avere nel tuo centro sportivo un impianto completo in COMODATO D'USO GRATUITO, senza alcun costo per te nè di apparecchiature, nè di installazione nè di manutenzione: tutto a COSTO ZERO!

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designs and implements

All products are designed, and made in Italy, and more specifically manufacturing in Campania Felix, a territory of ingenuity and creativity.

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