Air Control Plus

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Air Control Plus

trasponder dryer system


Supplied with a convenient hairdryer pistol that enables you maximum air flow control and facilitates users individual specific needs.

  • The card/pass is activated by accessing the retro-illuminated RFID reader which indicates the credits remaining and the air flow’s completion time.
  • The hot air’s flow completion time (regulated by the time card) is programmed from 1 to 8 minutes.
  • It has a robust ABS structure. It is also shock resitant with anti UV treatment with easy instillation and maintenance procedures.
  • The highly effecient hairdryer distributes effortlessly the heat and the air flow and ensures the drying velocity temperature to be optimal at all times.

Voltage230 VCA
Mains Frequency50/60HZ
Degree of Prot. ElectricClasse II
Mark of approved qualityCE
Dimension (mm)H: 1300- L: 350- P: 318

Support base available in many colors

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