RFID Bracelets

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RFID Bracelets

SILIGROUP offers a wide range of cards and bracelets that can be used to control all the devices in a sport center. In particular, the non contact RFID cards/passes, which are also known as “proximity cards”, are the most up dated and avant-garde today, equipped with an internal transponder (chip + antenna) which allows them to communicate efficiently with the appropriate RFID card/pass reader. Guaranteed data that is incapable of being violated and resistance to external agents (liquid & heat). RFID cards/passes offer many advantages over the traditional bar codes commonly used: the visualization or reading does not require actual optical verification or direct contact, therefore they do not need to be inserted or wiped in a POS, it is sufficient to position them very near to the appropriate reader, even without having to pull it out of ones wallet! You may also add script to the RFID cards/passes and tags last longer and may store more data.

  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Available in many colors

MaterialPVC or hypoallergenic silicone
Frequency usage13,56 MHz

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