RFID Textile Bracelets

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RFID Textile Bracelets

SILIGROUP added novelty to its wide card and wristband range used to activate all devices in a sports center. The textile bracelets are characterized by their lightness, comfort and water resistance. It is made of hypoallergenic material according to the Oeko-Tex standard. Customizable in full color CMYK, its a promotional vehicle of sport center brand. Datas inviolability is garantee and resistance to external agents (liquids, heat). RFID devices offer several advantages over traditional bar codes commoly used: reading system does not require optical sight or direct contact. Is not necessary to be inserted or crawled in a POS reader, it’s sufficient to approach them over appropriate readers. It’s possibile use NFC coding, combined with RFID technology, to allow interface from wristband toAndroid smartphones. It increase digital content offered at the sports center.

  • Comfortable and resistant
  • Optional customization

MaterialePA 80% - EA20% anallergic
Frequency usage13,56 MHz
CustomizationQuadricromia full color
SizesMan - Woman - Children


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