Technology and Design

A production chain that goes from the search for new solutions
to the realization of the product

High technology applied to automation, with sophisticated design
which gives to the sport center a cutting-edge image and makes the sporting environment harmonious, safe, hygienically perfect.
We adopt the Rfid technology, that is safe and without passing coins in the locker room.

  • Research and Development

    From the constant monitoring of the marketplace and the continuous communication with the structures and facilities, SILIGROUP intercepts the needs and the operators of the sector and offers always cutting-edge solutions.

  • Designing

    A team of developers and designers elaborate the ideas that will result in functional and pleasing PRODUCTS as the marketplace is even more tailored to design.

  • Electronics and Mechanics

    In SILITRONIC, the design phase is entrusted to specialists who develop versatile proprietary firmware that can be adapted to the different needs of use.
    The mechanics is entirely elaborated in the company by specialized operators who make highly reliable products.

  • The Marketplace

    SILICARD has the task to offer to the marketplace the entire range of products and to assist customers through advice and support and through innovative tools such as RENTAL and CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS.

From an idea, to the solution!